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If you have any questions related to financial services, that are not answered on this website, please contact Enrollment Services at 973-642-8502.

  • Refunds

    No refund of tuition is available for withdrawal from individual courses after the completion of the drop/add period.  The following refund schedule is applicable only to total withdrawal from the law school and is being strictly enforced by Seton Hall University:

    Second Week of Classes
    Third Week
    Fourth Week
    Fifth Week
    After Fifth Week
    No Refund *

    First year students withdrawing after classes begin will forfeit their tuition deposit ($1,500 for JD students). The remaining tuition balance will be refunded according to the above chart.

    The date on which written notice of withdrawal is received by the Registrar governs academic and financial consequences. JD or LLM Students who must withdraw, but who wish to return to the law school at a later date, should send a written request to the Dean of Students seeking a leave of absence at the time of withdrawal. MSJ students should send a request to the Registrar/Bursar at, with a copy to, Associate Academic Director for the Division of Online Learning. JD Students who do not formally withdraw and do not sit for examinations will receive a grade of "F" in each course.

    Title IV Refund Calculation
    (Title IV programs are Direct Unsubsidized Loans, Direct Graduate Plus Loans, and Federal Perkins Loans.)

    In accordance with Federal Student Financial Aid regulations, a pro rata refund calculation is also applied if the student withdraws from all classes during a semester:

    1. The Title IV refund calculation is done to determine the amount of Federal Student Aid funds that are required to be returned by the school. Funds are earned according to the percentage of the term completed. A student who withdraws after the 60% has earned 100% of the Title IV funds.

    2. If a Title IV refund is required, funds will be returned in the order prescribed by Federal regulations; namely, first to Direct Unsubsidized Loans, then to Federal Perkins Loans, the Direct Graduate Plus Loans.

    Refund of Tuition - Online students

    Students who wish to withdraw from the online Graduate Certificate or the MSJ program must submit written notice to the Registrar/Bursar at, with a copy to, Associate Academic Director for the Division of Online Learning.  

    Online Graduate Certificate Students

    If you withdraw from a course prior to the course start date, or during drop/add, you will receive a 100% refund of any tuition paid, less the initial enrollment/tuition deposit. Refunds will not be issued after the drop/add period.

    In the event the start date of the course is postponed by Seton Hall Law School, you will automatically be placed in the next scheduled start date of the course. If you are unable to participate in the next scheduled start date of the course, you must notify us in writing that you request to be enrolled in a later course. Alternatively, you may request a refund in accordance with the refund policy set forth above.

    Online MSJ Students  (Note:  the refund policy for courses taken on-site at Seton Hall Law is listed above.)

    MSJ students may obtain a 100% refund of tuition for withdrawal from individual online courses through the drop/add period, less the initial tuition/enrollment deposit for new students. The following refund schedule is applicable to all withdrawals from MSJ online courses after the drop/add period has concluded:

    First Week: 100%
    Second Week (Days 8-14): 50%
    After Second Week: No Refund

    The date on which written notice of withdrawal is received by the Registrar/Bursar governs academic and financial consequences. Students should consult with the Financial Aid Office (in the Office of Enrollment Services) to determine the effect of withdrawal on student loan eligibility.  In accordance with Federal Student Aid regulations, a pro-rata refund calculation is also applied if the student withdraws from all classes during a semester.  (See above, under Title IV Refund Calculation.)  Students who voluntarily withdraw after drop/add, and those who do not satisfy the attendance requirements and are academically withdrawn, will receive a "WD" in each withdrawn course.

  • Payment Plans

    Payments must be received by the due date listed on the bill issued to registered students to avoid assessment of a late fee. A late fee of $250.00 will be assessed to all unpaid balances.


    Electronic billing is the official means of distributing student bills. Each time a bill is available, an e-mail will be sent to student's Seton Hall University e-mail account. This will also be sent to any additional "billing" e-mail address students have designated for a third party, such as a parent or guardian. Students can access their e-bill through the PirateNet/LawNet portal.

    Non-receipt of your bill does not excuse you from meeting scheduled deadlines and late penalties. All students making adjustments after the payment is due will be required to pay the difference in-person.

    It is a student's responsibility to clear any unpaid balance with the Bursar's Office PRIOR TO registering via the web. If you have a current balance, you will be automatically blocked from registering for courses and will be referred to the Bursar's Office. This will result in having to restart the registration process (if cleared by the Bursar to register) and will decrease your chances of enrolling in your desired courses.

    Payment due dates as follows:

    The 2015 Summer Semester due date is May 27, 2015.
    The 2015 Fall Semester due date is August 2, 2015.
    The 2016 Spring Semester due date is December 22, 2015.


    Students may use one of the following payment options to pay their bills:

    Online through LawNet/PirateNet: 

    1. Electronic check or echeck (No convenience fee.)

    2. Credit Card (Convenience fee charged.)

    In person in Enrollment Services Office, 3rd Floor:

    1. Check (Personal, Certified, Cashier's checks accepted)

    2. Money Order


    As of July 1, 2013, Seton Hall University accepts all major credit cards. Payment by credit card carries a convenience fee of 2.75 percent of the amount charged. The minimum convenience charge is $3.


    Your tuition bill for the Fall Semester is due in August. First-year students will receive their first tuition bill in July via LawNet account at

    TuitionPay, in cooperation with Seton Hall University, is an Interest-Free monthly tuition payment plan administered through Sallie Mae.

    1. TuitionPay offers monthly payment plan, a short term (4 or 5 payments per semester). There will be a nominal fee of $50 for the four or five month and is charged by TuitionPay.
    2. TuitionPay does not offer a payment plan in the summer term.
    3. More information and on-line enrollment is available at the TuitionPay web site, or by calling 1-800-635-0120.


    For more information regarding the Tuition Payment Plan »
    How do I set up a payment plan?
    Seton Hall does not offer internal payment plans. We use Tuition Payment Plan to provide students and their families a term based payment plan for current terms only. There are two payment plans available, the 4-Pay Plan and the 5-Pay Plan as follows:

    The enrollment fee is $50. You can enroll on the Tuition Payment Plan website ( ). Prior payment history with SHU may prevent participation.


    The 5-Pay Plan Payment Dates and Deadline as follows:

    Fall: June 2, July 2, August 2, September 2, October 2
    Deadline: August 2

    Spring: November 2, December 2, January 2, February 2, March 2
    Deadline: January 2

    Summer: not offered

    The 4-Pay Plan Payment Dates and Deadline as follows:

    Fall: August 2, September 2, October 2, November 2
    Deadline: September 12

    Spring: December 2, January 2, February 2, March 2
    Deadline: February 2

    Summer: not offered

    Students who default on deferred payment arrangements will be assessed late fees and continue to accrue until payment in full is received.


    Payment in full is required by the bill's due date. Any amounts unpaid after this date are subject to late fees. A maximum of $250 per semester in late fees will be assessed to accounts unpaid beyond the due date for each term.


    Checks returned unpaid from a bank for any reason are subject to a $35 returned check fee in addition to late fees. All students are notified by an e-mail or letter of any returned checks received by the Bursar. A returned e-check fee of $15 applies to any online check payments.

    The student will not be allowed to re-register for classes until after the account is settled. A registration hold will be placed on the student's record until the balance is resolved through an alternate payment method. Alternate payment options are credit card, money order or cashier/bank check.

    Tuition Reimbursement:

    Students who receive tuition reimbursement from their employers may obtain and complete a "Tuition Reimbursement" form (pdf) here. The completed form must then be verified by the Registrar and Bursar prior to submission to the student's employer.

  • Tuition and Fees

    Payment is not required at the time of registration. Electronic tuition bills are available prior to the start of classes each semester. Late fees will be assessed to a student’s account when the full amount of tuition due has not been received by the Bursar’s Office by the date required. A student with an outstanding tuition balance from a prior semester will be ineligible for registration for a future semester.  The Law School will not certify a student for the bar until all outstanding balances are paid.

    Tuition   (Academic Year 2016-2017)
    JD Full-Time Tuition $25,591.00 per semester
    JD Part-Time Tuition $19,193.00 per semester
    LLM Tuition $1,490.00 per credit
    MSJ Tuition $1,070.00 per credit
    Online Graduate Certificate $3,210.00 per course
    Registration Fees   
    JD University Fee $200.00
    JD Technology Fee $220.00
    LLM University Fee $200.00
    LLM Technology Fee $220.00
    MSJ University Fee $100.00
    MSJ Technology Fee $110.00
    Late Registration Fee $50.00
    Late Payment Fee (minimum) *$35.00
    Late Payment Fee (maximum) *$250.00

    *This fee applies to any semester bill remaining unpaid after the last day of the registration period.

    For a breakdown of the Cost of Attendance for JD, LLM and MSJ students, click here.

  • Tuition Reimbursement Requests

    Students receiving tuition reimbursement from their employer may fill out the Tuition Reimbursement form and submit to Enrollment Services office.


Students can access their e-bill through the PirateNet/LawNet portal.  You can either pay your bill directly or grant a parent or other third party access to view and pay your e-bill.   Detailed instructions are available below -- please select your preferred method of payment below to get started.

How to View and Pay your eBill

Instructions for paying your eBill online using Touchnet.

Allow Someone Else to Pay your Bill

Instructions for authorizing a third party to pay a student's bill, using Touchnet.

For additional financial information, please contact Jo Ann Maldonado, Bursar, at 973-642-8578 or by email,  


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