Professor of Law

Professor Defeis joined the faculty of Seton Hall Law School in 1971 and was Dean from 1983 to 1988. She is widely respected international expert on human rights, rule of law, democracy and constitution building, electoral reform and standards for independence of the judiciary. Her expertise has been requested by governments and intergovernmental institutions including the OSCE and the United Nations.

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Programs and
Research Centers


Seton Hall Law offers a variety of degree programs both for students seeking to become lawyers and for practicing attorneys who wish to further their legal education and professional development. For students who wish to broaden their legal skill set, the Law School offers joint J.D. and Masters degrees in conjunction with Seton Hall University, located just minutes from the Seton Hall Law campus.

Our degree programs for students with an interest in international law include the following.

J.D. /M.A. in Diplomacy & International Relations
J.D. Health Law Concentration
LL.M. in Intellectual Property